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Sometimes it’s difficult for the consumer to know what cut of cecina is best to buy and how it should be stored.
As a company specialized in the production of this local product and, since Cecina de León is a natural product made from beef that goes bad quickly, we always suggest that beef cecina be eaten at room temperature and cut in thin slices with a knife or machine, depending on how much will be eaten.

If a small family or group is going to eat it, 1 kilo of air sealed product should be enough and, if the family is large or if the cecina is going to be eaten with a group of friends, we suggest buying two kilos or half a cut.

We get a lot of questions about storing Cecina de León IGP. Our best advice is to store the piece of cecina in a cool, dry place, covered with a cotton cloth, never plastic. The best place to store it would be a cellar if one is available.
If not, it can be covered with a slightly damp -not wet- cotton cloth and stored in the least cold place in the fridge.

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