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Four sections or cuts of meat are used, all taken from the top or bottom rump: round, centre leg, stifle, and sirloin. Its preparation process is a traditional one (including salting, drying, smoking, and curing): the meat is dried slowly to a succulent and cured condition, smoking it with a special aroma and flavour which can only be obtained through the passage of time.

This traditional product by CECINAS NIETO is available in different formats for consumers, which allows for its distribution and sale worldwide.

Preparation process

This array of presentations offers a product which is evolved and perfected, providing a guarantee of quality: Cecina de León PGI.

Ctra. Madrid-Coruña
Km. 329 y Km. 328,5 · 24714

Pradorrey, Astorga
León (España)
Tfn: (+34) 987 618 605
Fax: (+34) 987 604 066