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Cecina de León IGP has countless virtues as a “healthy product” and is considered one of the most authentic and tasty salted meats of our country thanks to its bouquet, aroma, texture, juiciness and in mouth sensation when tasted.

Moreover, it is also a beef with a distinct flavour, not too salty, with a low fibrous consistency and high oleic acid content. The smoked effect gives a characteristic aroma during the aging process, sustaining the different flavours.

The nutritional label responds to the need of giving enough information to consumers so that, using the highest selective criteria possible, they can choose the food that best adapts to their needs. Therefore, the nutritional label shows the information that appears on a food label regarding its energetic value and contents of certain nutrients.

A study was carried out by the Agrarian Institute of Castilla and León on different smoke-cured beef samples from which the following results, based on fresh product (f.p.), were reached:


Fats 8,9% (m.f.)
Proteins 44,7% (m.f.)
Total C.H. 0,38% Glucose

With this nutritional data the following information was found for 100 gr. of product:

Calories: 314 Kcal
Proteins 37,20 gr
Fats 18,10 gr.
C.H. 0,6 gr.

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